About Us

Zeevi- Battash Law firm deals in corporate and commercial law with special focus on tax law, representation and litigation, corporate and commercial litigation, class actions, contract law, labor law, receiverships, liquidations, corporate recovery and bankruptcy.
The local ranking BDI Code, of BDI Coface, ranked Zeevi- Battash since 2016, as one of the leading litigation boutique law firms in Israel.
Since its establishment, the firm is dedicated to professionalism and efficiency, creative thinking and innovative approach, professionalism and efficiency, thoroughness and speed. These values, which constitute the fundamental principles of our firm's long years of activity, provide our clients with a long and steady chain of legal and commercial successes which are the reason and the basis of our customers' loyalty to the firm .
The firm's concept is that in the highly competitive legal and commercial environment , its relative advantage will be best reflected when employing a creative and original thinking along with professionalism and along with a thorough familiarity of the legal environment, while providing personal attention and individual accompaniment to each and every client of the firm, alongside uncompromising professionalism, fast and efficient work and relentless thoroughness.
The lawyers of the Zeevi-Batash Law firm possess rich experience in their areas, which helps them to give their customers the best legal treatment available in dealing with the legal and commercial challenges they face with.