Representation in Court and Litigation

Our firm has extensive experience in representing and appearing in judicial courts and tribunals and expertise in commercial and corporate litigation, which includes strategic representation in commercial disputes, repeated appearances before a variety of courts, tribunals and judicial instances, including the representation of parties in arbitrations and mediations, as well as in a wide variety of legal proceedings.
The local ranking BDI Code, of BDI Coface, ranked our firm in 2016, as one of the leading litigation boutique law firms in Israel.
Our firm specializes in complex legal proceedings, including class actions, derivative actions, complex commercial claims, debt restructuring etc. The peculiarity of our firm in litigation is a proper analysis of the case in relation to the factual evidence and with a far-sighted vision with respect to the customer's needs, employing preventive planning, going into the particulars and down to details, using our thorough knowledge of the law and of judicial precedential rulings, our significant capacity for performance and persuasion, our thoroughness and the understanding that engaging in litigation must be counted among the forefront areas of the legal profession.