Tax Litigation

Our firm has extensive experience in representing a diversity of clients, companies and individuals alike, either when facing tax assessment procedures opposite the assessing officers, or in front of professional agents and bodies of the Tax Authority in proceedings for tax certificates and tax agreements, including preliminary permits (Rolling).

In addition, our firm has extensive experience in assisting taxpayers in criminal tax proceedings , including the process of investigation, litigation before facing interrogation and prosecution by authorities, the voluntary disclosure process and applying for conversion of indictments into Ransom payments.

In addition, our firm represents clients in court as part of tax appeals in various areas of tax legislation (income tax, value added tax, real estate taxes), as well as legal proceedings against the tax authorities in court and the appeals committee.

Our firm has extensive experience and special expertise in representing the defendant for various tax offenses in different areas of taxation, while our office provides both its broad knowledge of various tax laws and its broad experience and knowledge in management of criminal proceedings and appearances in these proceedings.